Master Level

The department has offered academic specialization course in Master Level – ‘Food and Nutrition’ and ‘Child Development and Gender Socialization’ in Semester System under the Dean Office of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. This course is based on an international standard curriculum with student centered program aims to provide more functional and meaningful education in meeting demands of the nation as well as to inculcate among students a global vision with skills of international competence. 

Assistant Dean Observing Practical Class

Course Objectives of Master in Home Science:

After completion of the course student should be able to:

  • understand  the  basic concept of Home Science
  • explain the concept, impact ,growth, development process and different challenges of child  development 
  •  explain developmental theories of Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  • define about nutritional health problems, food security in developing countries,        consumer health, food habits and cultural patterns of various ethnic groups
  • gain knowledge on public health, nutrition and gender issues
  • assess the nutritional status of various age groups by using various approaches
  • understand gender socialization which is social learning process throughout the life cycle 
  • Identify the social issues in family and society related to child abuse andhuman trafficking
  • Acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge on functioning of human body
  • plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a nutrition program in the community 
  • incorporate cellular physiology and biochemistry in nutrition
  • explain the factors affecting the growth and survival of microorganisms in food and microbiological quality control of food products 
  • Acquire knowledge regarding clinical dietetics and its uses
  • Describe nutritional analysis of different food commodities and estimate energy requirementsaccording to an individual needs
  • Understand the concept of research methodology and apply their theoretical knowledge into practice


Successfully completed Bachelor’s level or its equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University. Scored the prescribed minimum marks in the ‘Written Entrance Examination’.


This course provides with lots of prospects:

  • Self-employment is also a great possibility in this field- able to establish ECD center, nutrition counseling center.
  • As a nutritionist in communities. 
  • As a researcher depending upon the area of specialization. 
  • As a Home Science professional could be getting jobs in hospitals, institutional canteens, government departments and in research labs.
  • As a Home Science professional can give contribution to national nutrition and child development programs and policies.
  • As a project manager related to nutrition and child development.
  • As a University teacher.

Home Science Specialization in Food and Nutrition Course of Study

Home Science Specialization in Child Development and Gender Socialization Course of Study